Miles is a short film about blurring the boundaries between humanity and technology, set in the teenage off-roading world of southern California.


AXL is a children’s action-adventure feature film, based on the short film Miles.


Arcadia is an arthouse horror film, set in an ancient redwood forest that conceals a hot spring with life-giving powers. There, an elite few are free to live in paradise, transforming back into their younger selves forever... if they are willing to make certain sacrifices.

This short serves as a tonal complement to the feature-length screenplay.


Oliver began working with animated graphics as soon as his computer was capable of displaying them. His passion for animation stems from the medium’s constant technical innovation and its ability to entertain whilst communicating powerful, complicated, and otherwise unseeable ideas. In 2005, he founded OA BioImages, a scientific animation studio that served top healthcare clients such as Medtronic, J&J, and the American Autoimmune Society. His work in 3D biomedical illustration has led him to create visualizations of the human body in health, disease, and treatment, a topic in which he finds endless inspiration. As Oliver built a successful business in the scientific animation arena, his interest in narrative film also grew. He produced “Cohen on the Bridge” an award-winning animated documentary film retelling the Entebbe hostage rescue in an innovative graphic novel style. His personal work includes numerous shorts for both adult and family audiences.